As nations take measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the virus is arguably doing more damage on the world's mental health. Depression, protests and domestic violence are increasing during these times of financial and social frustrations. Ironically, these are problems caused by a virus that has no brain.

The dwindling of our current mental state stem from a change that came too sudden, with us having little to no preparation. In just overnight, our livelihood and travel plans were severely compromised. What makes it harder for the modern humans is that they never experienced such a thing in this generation, essentially throwing the world into the unknown.

So how do we keep our mind healthy during this period of unknown?


Accepting the unknown has always been the fundamental key to the individual's evolution. It's not easy, but that's why one grows so much out of it. One evolves from surviving what has not been experienced before.

Charles Darwin said that survival of the fittest is not about being the strongest or smartest - it is about being the one most adaptable to change. Hence, resisting change makes the current situation tougher.

Accept what is happening in the world and your life, but don't react out of your emotions, for it will only bring about anguish. Accepting humbles a person and gives him/her a clearer mind. Once the mind is clear, it is primed for adapting to new circumstances. Soon you will find yourself less bothered by things that used to irate you and make less excuses about why life isn't going your way.

And when this is all over, you shall emerge a better person with an evolved mind.

Fact-checked medical articles linking Covid-19 to anxiety and depression.

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