December 5, 2021

Having company is wonderful, but over dependence on it ironically makes one lonely inside. It's a common sentiment to be surrounded by many people yet still feel isolated. How Not To Feel Lonely? Keep on reading to learn more.

The pandemic has impacted restrictions on social gatherings and one finds oneself facing a diminishing social landscape. If one allows this to turn into frustration, it will breed disharmony in one's own relationship with the self.

Hence, now is the perfect time to embrace solitude instead of anguishing in loneliness. Solitude and loneliness are separated by a thin line but they couldn't be more worlds apart. 

Loneliness is a feeling of abandonment, whilst solitude is being embraced by the world in privacy.

Take the reducing social events as an opportunity to understand yourself. There may be moments that are confronting, especially when you face unpleasant memories of yourself - but you'll soon realize that they're just memories.

Whatever unpleasantries encountered in the mind are just distant echoes of the past repeating themselves like a recording on playback mode, but this time you have no one to distract you from seeing this.

Now you see that loneliness is a choice, a state of mind... a fantastic sense of imagination.

Now you can live with yourself better after seeing past all of that.

Now you enjoy your own company more than anyone else's.

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