It's apparent now that people everywhere are extra edgy. And it's easy to get triggered by such people, as it is easy for them to get triggered by you.

Negativities are easily brought to the surface - a typical phenomena of stress and depression - due to the global distress. We turn nasty by taking any opportunity to vent that unpleasantness, which usually happens when we react to someone else being unpleasant.

What does this tell us?

We are letting others' negativities affect us.

We are reacting.

Reacting is a lower mode - you only react because others' faults only remind you of your own.

One who has no more impatience is not bothered by an impatient another.

Blaming is a form of self-denial. Take responsibility during this time to reflect on what others do that triggers you and accept that you share the same issues, then do personal work to resolve yourself.

You don't have to try to change others, because it will backfire.

Just focus on yourself. Accept yourself and your own shortcomings without being hard on yourself - do so with the same kindness that you freely give to your dearest.

As you bathe in your own kindness, things that trigger you begin diminishing. 

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