Does Remote Healing Work?

100% Recommendation

Elisabeth Sofie Barth

Before the online distant energy healing with Indra I had some areas in my body that felt tight and uncomfortable. I was interested in the treatment, but have to admit, that I was a bit skeptical regarding healing over long distance. Does remote healing work? Find out here.

The treatment itself was relaxing and felt good. I could clearly feel it working while being in the healing session. Within an hour all the tensions disappeared and my body now feels much better than any massage, yoga practice or good night of sleep could have made me feel.
The treatment with Indra was an enjoyable experience and I am more than grateful for taking part. 

Indra himself was initially skeptical to giving remote healing. Since he had been giving Ground Alpha Alignment treatments using his hands, he was unsure if people would receive the same benefits over long distance.

However, he was reminded of the outstanding energetic effects his hands-on sessions had imparted onto his clients. Indra had known for a long time that even when giving a hands-on treatment physically, his energy body was also working on his clients’ energy bodies – this explains the noticeable energetic shifts reflected on their testimonials.

Many people had their lives improved by Indra’s hands-on treatments and it would be a shame to stop his service because of the travel and social distancing restrictions during the Covid pandemic. If people couldn’t come to him physically, then Indra will go to them energetically. The pandemic gave Indra the opportunity to expand his energy body’s reach to anywhere in the world.

Pleasantly, but unsurprisingly, his long distance treatments were, and still are, highly successful – in fact, they are just as effective as in person. They are effective because his energy body is present with his clients to work on them, even while his physical body is at the other side of the world. Learn more on how does remote healing work? Contact us for more details.