Pain into Bliss 

Weakness into Strength 

Limitation into Freedom

"The result was and is just overwhelming.. I felt so light and like a newborn.. Indra helped me to unblock my fears, doubts and emotional blockages"

~ Rainer Zehetner


pain into 


weakness into 


limitation into


"The result was and is just overwhelming.. I felt so light and like a newborn.. Indra helped me to unblock my fears, doubts and emotional blockages"

~ Rainer Zehetner


Overcome limitations effortlessly

  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Energetically
  • And beyond


  • Transformation of negative into positive
  • Inner peace
  • Uplifted spirit
  • Clear energy circulation
  • Effortless state of being
  • Improved posture & movement

A Ground Alpha Alignment private remote session is US$196.

Half price if you are unemployed or facing financial difficulties. We all go through difficult times, this is Indra's way to help those in need.

Indra only works on selected people, so to qualify, please write why you'd like a treatment from him. If shortlisted, you'll be contacted for a free consultation.


"I could feel more and more the unity of my body and feel how the energy moves and creates more and more space in me" 

~ Mehdi Del Mundo


 in a nutshell

  • Originally a hands-on treatment, Indra has figured out how to do it remotely. Energy is not limited to physical contact or distance.
  • True healers will tell you that healers are not healers. Instead, they are facilitators who help you fulfill your potential to heal yourself - Ground Alpha Alignment is especially intended for this.
  • Each of us has many bodies - physical, mental, energetic, and more. When all bodies are in alignment, they effortlessly empower one another. Through this synchronistic empowerment between the bodies, you wake up to the realization that you already are the embodiment of the highest power.
  • Quickening that realization is Indra's specialty.
  • Blockages in your physical and subtle bodies are temporarily cleared through a series of energetic alignments performed by Indra via long distance. With the channels cleared, energy can now flow smoothly again throughout your bodies.
  • Your various bodies are thus synchronized with one another.
  • During and after a session, you shall experience a state of relaxation, calmness, clarity and awareness, primed for optimal healing capacity.
  • On a physical level: tensions reduce, posture improves, body feels lighter, breathing deepens, senses clear and an overall sense of better well-being arises.
  • On other levels: you gain a better understanding of what it means to be yourself and what has to be done to stay consistent with your inner coordinates and continue being relevant to the world around you.
  • You are then empowered to embody your highest power.
  • You are then in alignment.

What do you need to do in the session?

  • step 1
    Connect a video or audio call to Indra.
  • STEP 2
    Lie down on a comfortable platform, like a bed, in privacy.
  • STEP 3
    Place the phone next to you and Indra will treat you energetically in your relaxed state.

"I felt very calm and comfortable with Indra, he has a very meditative presence that makes it easy to relax"

~ Cameron David Edmunds


Indra wears several hats: Ground Alpha Alignment therapist, Yoga teacher, somatic movements facilitator, body worker and energy worker. He has also taught Thai Yoga Massage workshops in formal classes and a Yoga festival.

The common thread in all his roles is empowering people with the ability to fulfill more by doing less.

Indra’s attitude is simple; that to reach depth, one does not have to travel far. We already have all the solutions and improvements we seek, but we overlook them because we make ourselves believe that they have to be beyond our reach. Indra's job is to help people see their already manifested power and step into it. 

words of the aligned

I've had 2 sessions with Indra and wish it could be more. The ground alpha alignment is truly amazing. What I love about it comparing to most Chiropractors, Osteopaths or healers I've seen is that Indra not only help you put your body back in alignment but also teaches your body to stay in alignment. it was very interesting to pay attention to the balance of my left and right body for the first time. It's great to gain such awareness and being able to incorporate that through out the day. After our first session I saw obvious changes in my facial muscles as they've totally relaxed. I looked like a different person in the mirror and I definitely recommend Indra!

Mari Chen

I felt very calm and comfortable with Indra, he has a very meditative presence that makes it easy to relax. During the alignment I was able to relax very deeply while staying alert and experienced a dreamlike state. Afterwards I felt free of tension with a smooth and focused mind, very nice effect. Later during meditation I felt my energy flowed fully through my whole system with the blockages removed, something I haven't experienced for a longtime. Thanks Indra!

Cameron David Edmunds

I didn't know a lot about Ground Alpha Alignment before and just wanted to give it a try. I went into the treatment with an open heart and mind and had no expectations, just to remove my emotional blockages. Indra and myself had a talk before the treatment which really helped me to feel really comfortable before the treatment. He is a very sensitive and calm practitioner that gives you a feeling of trust. The treatment itself is with little physical movements (head, arms and legs), that have a tremendous influence on your body and its energy flow.

I can hardly describe what I've experienced during the treatment, but the result was and is just overwhelming. He offers a short talk after the treatment as well and gives you advice on how to avoid blockages in your body.

I can truly recommend this session with Indra from the bottom of my heart. I felt so light and like new-born after the treatment. He helped me to unblock my fears, doubts and emotional blockages in my body. My recommendation is really to try it out, totally trust Indra and you will not be disappointed.

Rainer Zehetner

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Ground Alpha Alignment with Indra. The experience itself was a very gentle and relaxing one - I feel that with Indra's guidance I managed to achieve a deeper state of relaxation than what I usually can do alone, and that created space for healing and release of several tensions. Also, I was pleasantly surprised, in the days following the experience, to find myself very open to release and let go of really old blockages and patterns (on both mental and emotional level) that I no longer needed to hold on to, and gaining more confidence, higher energy and feeling more..aligned ;-)

Thank you so much dear Indra for making your healing presence available to others, I especially appreciated the reminder to keep accessing our own capacity to align ourselves after the session.


Indra has a such beautiful presence who make me instantly very comfortable. His alignment created a huge opening in my body. During all the sessions I could feel more and more the unity of my body and feels how the energy move and create more and more and more space in me. If your like bodywork this experience was really healing and special, I totally recommended it. Thanks again 🙏🏻

Mehdi Del Mundo

I am writing this review after 7 weeks of having the ground alpha alignment session with Indra and after going back to my normal daily activities. Here is my experience: I am completely a new person, very calm in my thinking, very confident (I used to feel uncomfortable at meetings when I had to speak to my team of 30 people, now this fear completely disappeared), my intuition became very strong which I never experienced it in this level before, energy flows easily through my body as my blockages diminished, became very creative with new ideas everyday (my and problems are no longer problems for me; they just pass by without me overreacting. Everyday I wake up in the morning and I am in a state of a complete bliss, happiness and gratitude and its getting stronger and stronger. When I went to have the session with Indra I was not sure what is it all about. After the session I was thinking this will only take a couple of days and it will fade but WOW this does work and I still feel full alignment after 7 weeks. Indra is an excellent healer and I would highly recommend a session with him. I still hear his voice since that session. He created a massive shift in my energy. It's a very powerful treatment and I would highly recommend it (by the way I have done some many different treatments in my life and the effect only lasted for couple of days or the minute I go back to my normal life but this is different, also this is a first review I have ever written in my life but wanted to share it as I wish happiness to all readers). GO FOR IT, give it a try and good luck. Indra many thanks to you - 'it's much appreciated and I am so grateful for you.

Suha Al-Dhayf

I experience complex PTSD and have a tendency to disassociate during stress and change. After my treatment with Indra I felt more grounded than I ever have in life, which gave me the clarity and stability to be with my emotions without distraction. Indra creates a safe, genuine, and loving container during the session that leaves you with the will to move through your process with grace. Feeling safe, in what I have experienced as an unsafe world, created immense shifts for me. I cannot recommend his work enough. So thankful for the knowledge and awareness I gained to lean back into my body.

Rachael Nicole Johnson